Sunday, November 24, 2013

Little Big Moments #8

Hello fellow crafters!
Pages 16 & 17 are all about animals!
Title: A is for Animal
Theme/Prompt: Introduce your animals (pets) or discover new creatures!
To Create: 
step 1. Download printables
step 2. Cut embellishments out
step 3. Design/decorate pages
step 4. Add journaling & photos (optional)
step 5. Tape/glue

Here are my two pages: 
  • If you don't have any pets you can search for creatures outdoors or visit your local zoo.
  • This is a great opportunity for kids to observe and learn about animals.
Remember to have fun and cherish these wonderful moments!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Little Big Moments #7

Are you ready for pages 14 & 15?
These two pages took a little longer to create, but I finally finished it!

Pages 14 & 15:
Title: Out & About
Theme/Prompt: Document an ordinary (or not so ordinary) day in your life
Additional Materials/Supplies: shopping lists, receipts, business cards, ticket stubs, etc.
To Create: 
step 1. Download printables
step 2. Cut embellishments out
step 3. Design/decorate pages
step 4. Add journaling & photos (optional)
step 5. Tape/glue

Here are my two pages:
I'm surprised that I did a lot of journaling this time.
  • I copied my receipts and printed them out on cardstock.
  • I like the idea that when my daughter is older she can compare the price of gas and groceries. I wonder how much these prices will increase or decrease in the years to come!
  • The paperclip flag can be used to clip all of your documents together or for decoration.
  • This project would be really cool for black Friday receipts!...not sure if I'm going to shop on black Friday this year. Hmmm...
To make the pocket that will hold all of your documents simply cut it out then fold the tabs back. Adhere the pocket tabs to your page by using double-stick tape or glue.
To make the paperclip flag, first cut it out and fold it in half. Then place the flag around a paperclip and glue the two flaps together.
When you are done they should look something like this:
Here is my completed pocket:
I love washi tape :)
Hope everyone likes these pages and I hope that this project inspires you to document all of your family's "Little Big Moments."

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Little Big Moments #6

Pages 12 & 13 are ready!
To download pages 12 & 13 for your smash book click below:
Title: Art Gallery
Theme/Prompt: Frame your child's artwork.
Additional Supplies: Crayons, Markers, Paint
To Create: 
step 1. Download printables
step 2. Cut embellishments out
step 3. Design/decorate pages
step 4. Add journaling & photos (optional)
step 5. Tape/glue
  • I designed 2 frames for you to choose from: one with a light, one without. I used the frame with the lights.
  • My daughter loves to color with crayons, but you can have your child use paint, markers, stamps, etc.
  • Ideas for older kids: Self-portrait, Family portrait, Color a coloring book page.  
  • I had my daughter draw on a blank piece of paper. Then I used an xacto knife to cut out the white portion of the frame. I just trimmed her drawing to fit in the frame. I feel that makes the frame a little bit more realistic and adds dimension to the page. You can eliminate this additional step by having your child create their artwork directly in the white space that your frame is printed on. 
  • It was hard taking pictures of my daughter coloring because she always wants to play with my camera and iphone. Any tips?
My pages look like this...

Hope you all are having fun creating these pages for you Little Big Moments smash book!

    Friday, November 8, 2013

    Little Big Moments Page 10

    My Shutterfly prints finally came in! Yeah!
    Sorry for the wait...Here is how my page turned out: 
    I used the gravestone for journaling and to make a pocket. This is how I made it:
    I cut out tabs on the sides and bottom. Then I scored along the outline so it would be easier to fold the tabs.
    This is how the back looks with the pocket tabs folded in. All you need to do is apply double-stick tape or glue on just the tabs and place it onto the page. Note: I did my journaling before I glued the tombstone on in case I made a mistake.
    And you're done!
    Tip: When I make journalling mistakes like typos or I realize that I wrote too big, I just re-print the embellishments that I need to re-do. You can also re-size the embellishments in Microsoft Word by using the picture editing toolbar.

    Document your family's Halloween by downloading page 10 embellishments for FREE:

    Tuesday, November 5, 2013

    Little Big Moments #5

    Happy Monday!
    Today I was able to work on page 11. It is a simple page but still lots of fun!
    Get page 11 for FREE here:

    Title: the color BLUE
    Theme/Prompt: Find the color blue in your surroundings.
    Additional Supplies: Washi Tape (optional)
    To Create: 
    step 1. Download printables
    step 2. Cut embellishments out
    step 3. Design/decorate pages
    step 4. Add journaling & photos (optional)
    step 5. Tape/glue
    •  I used this prompt to help my daughter learn the color blue. 
    • We gathered together all the blue objects in her playroom. This shows that all the items have the color blue in common.
    • We also searched for blue things at Nana's house. I figured that this would teach her to observe her surroundings.  
    • Try looking for a blue object that you can put in your smash book. My daughter and I found a joker in a deck of cards.
    •  If you can't find an actual object to include on this page, don't worry. You can take pictures of all the blue things that you guys found to document this activity.
    • On the journaling card that says: "things that are the color blue" I wrote all of the object that we found and that are shown in the pictures. You could ask your child to think of things that are blue and record them on the journaling card. 
    • This page is fast and simple to do!
     Here is how my page turned out:
    I couldn't resist using washi tape hehe :)

    Sunday, November 3, 2013

    What Have I Been Working On?

    Time doesn't slow down for anyone! I've been keeping busy with a lot of holiday projects.

    Thank you to all of you who purchased my Boo Mix printable label from my TeachersPayTeachers shop!
    It was actually a last minute project so I didn't even have time to blog about it. Sorry...
    Here is my November printable that I made:
    You can purchase this Thanksgiving project at my TpT shop:
     Another printable I finished is a President Obama quote. I'm not really into politics, but I'm obsessed with Melonheadz illustrations so I wanted to use the Melonheadz image of Obama. I know he is not the most liked right now, but I guess I still have faith in him???
    Here is my dog sitting next to the President:
     President Obama's quote bubble got cutoff in the picture but it says:
    "A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things."
    You can download this Obama poster for FREE at my TpT shop!

    Lastly, I'm excited because my Etsy order of washi tape arrived!!
    The colors match perfectly with my Little Big Moments book!
    Can't wait to use them on future Little Big Moments pages. :)

    Don't worry I haven't forgot about Page 10! I am waiting for my Shutterfly prints to come so I can complete my page. As soon as I'm done I will post it!
    Thanks for your patience and understanding!