Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Little Big Moments #5

Happy Monday!
Today I was able to work on page 11. It is a simple page but still lots of fun!
Get page 11 for FREE here:

Title: the color BLUE
Theme/Prompt: Find the color blue in your surroundings.
Additional Supplies: Washi Tape (optional)
To Create: 
step 1. Download printables
step 2. Cut embellishments out
step 3. Design/decorate pages
step 4. Add journaling & photos (optional)
step 5. Tape/glue
  •  I used this prompt to help my daughter learn the color blue. 
  • We gathered together all the blue objects in her playroom. This shows that all the items have the color blue in common.
  • We also searched for blue things at Nana's house. I figured that this would teach her to observe her surroundings.  
  • Try looking for a blue object that you can put in your smash book. My daughter and I found a joker in a deck of cards.
  •  If you can't find an actual object to include on this page, don't worry. You can take pictures of all the blue things that you guys found to document this activity.
  • On the journaling card that says: "things that are the color blue" I wrote all of the object that we found and that are shown in the pictures. You could ask your child to think of things that are blue and record them on the journaling card. 
  • This page is fast and simple to do!
 Here is how my page turned out:
I couldn't resist using washi tape hehe :)

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