Monday, September 30, 2013

Box Tops Label

I made this container for my BFF awhile ago. She was keeping the Box Tops that her students brought in a ziploc bag. My BFF usually describes what she needs and is thinking of, then I make it happen. The Two things she said would be good were:
1 a hole that is not too small because she said the kids would be standing there forever putting the Box Tops in one-by-one.
2 preferably a clear container so she can see if there are any Box Tops in there. So this is what I came up with:

I recycled a Crystal Light container by just cutting a hole in the cover then adding a ribbon so she could hang it up.
If your in need of a cute Box Tops label you can download this label for FREE by going to my TeacherPayTeachers store here:

Friday, September 27, 2013

Diaper Stroller Baby Gift

Another Pinterest idea that looks easy but turns out to be a challenge! My fiance's cousin's baby shower is tomorrow so I put aside today to attempt this project. I figured that if it was a total fail I would still have enough time to run to the mall and buy a gift lol. It took my mom and I 6 hours to make this! (THANK YOU MOMMY!) There aren't many tutorials on how to make a stroller out of diapers. I was planning on posting the steps on how to make it but I had to focus so hard on this project that I forgot to take pictures. Sorry. If I ever make one again, I will be sure to post the instructions.

↓ Here are the materials I used: 
40 Huggies Diapers (size 1), 2 receiving blankets, 3 bibs, Baby Toy Elephant, & various ribbons  

↓ I took a lot of pictures of the finish product because I was so proud that I finished it!
(I thought about giving up when I had a difficult time making the stroller dome shade part.)

I hope the mommy-to-be likes this special gift I made!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


If you've been following my blog you know that my best friend got an awesome job as a third grade teacher. Growing up we both had the same dream, go to the same college, get a degree in teaching, get a job teaching at the same school. Well sadly I took a different path :( I stayed home and attended University of Hawaii and my BFF left to attend UNLV.  She even went on a harder path and got her masters degree! I always thought I wanted to become a teacher but after taking education classes (where I met my fiance) at UH I decided that there are better individuals to teach than myself. Basically I get really nervous teaching in front of a class. The love and passion I have for teaching is still embedded in my heart.  Helping my BFF with her teaching career has inspired me to create learning materials for stay-at-home mothers just like me! Many people have suggested the idea of being a educational assistant but I prefer to be at home until my daughter starts preschool.
Anyway, in a nutshell, my BFF has introduced me to this website TeachersPayTeachers.  This is the ultimate  learning/teaching resource! I love that most of the materials are made by teachers, for teachers. I have made my very own TpT store.  You can download some of the projects I have created for my BFF's classroom and projects I have made for my own daughter's learning.
Please check out my shop...
Also be sure to stay tuned for toddler learning materials!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Monthly Tooth Brushing Chart Printable

As my daughter gets older, I feel like I need to be more organized in order for our daily activities to run smoothly and efficiently. This is why I have created a chart to keep track of when she brushes her teeth. I love this cute chart so much that I printed one for my fiance and myself too.

 I made the chart cute and easy to use. I also made it monthly so I wouldn't have to print out a new one every week. The first column of circles is to mark brushing your teeth in the morning. The second column is for brushing your teeth at night. And the last column is to mark down that you've flossed at least once a day. When my daughter is older I want to offer her an incentive at the end of the month if all the circles are marked.

If you want to purchase this Monthly Tooth Brushing Chart, please visit my TPT shop HERE

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Modular Mates - How I Did It

This is how I measured, calculated, and figured out which shape and size to get. The easiest way to do this is contact your local Tupperware consultant, let them figure it out for you, place and pay for your order, then wait for a big Tupperware box to arrive. But wait, I am a Tupperware consultant *face palm* Actually it's not that hard lol. This is how I did it...

Square or Rectangle? Oval or Super Oval?
This depends on your shelf depth. 

If the depth is 11" or longer you have these options:
 -Super Ovals & Rectangles
 -Ovals & Squares
Note: Keep in mind that the Super Ovals & Rectangles are exactly 11" so if your cabinet is exactly 11" the cabinet door may not be able to close.

If the depth is shorter than 11" you have these options:
 -Ovals & Squares
Note: Ovals and Squares are exactly 7.25" so if your cabinet is exactly 7.25" the cabinet door may not be able to close.

If the depth is shorter than 7.25":
- You could use Ovals or Super Ovals but they would fit sideways (not with the clear side facing forward)

How many can be stacked?
This depends on your shelf height.

Each Modular Mate has a number on the bottom of it which corresponds with its height. Ovals, Super Ovals and Rounds are numbered 1 through 5. Squares and Rectangles are numbered 1 through 4.

I used this equation to calculate the height of my shelf in Modular Mate Units:
Height in inches ÷ 2.25 = Modular Mate Units
My example:   11 ÷ 2.25 = 4.89
 Round down to nearest whole: 4
 So my shelf is 4 units high.
I can use any of the following combinations because it adds up to 4:
I'm I making any sense? Remember if you have any questions, contact your local Tupperware consultant or feel free to leave your questions in the comment section. I will try to answer as best as I can.

How many stacks (columns) can fit?
Add up the widths of your stacks to equal the width of your shelf. Also remember that 2 Super Ovals can stack side by side on a Rectangle and 2 Ovals can stack side by side on a Square.
I made this Modular Mate dimension chart to help: 

Which number Modular Mate do I need to fit the amount of contents I have?
Tupperware has this detailed chart to determine what size will fill your specific needs:

I went by the quantity I by my food in. For example, I buy all-purpose flour in 5lb bags. I used the chart to find out that I should buy a size 2 in the Rectangles. I only had 2lbs left from the bag that was already open but I got the Rectangle 2 because when I use up the 2lbs and open a new 5lb bag, the entire new 5lbs of flour will fit.

Other things to think about:
- The contents may determine the shape of container you get. It's hard to scoop sugar and flour out of an Oval and Super Oval because they are narrow. That's why I went with a Rectangle.
- I think that Ovals and Super Ovals are easier to grab (especially off a high shelf). But the taller the Oval, the more chances of it getting knocked over. Can you imagine 5lbs off flour getting knocked over? Yikes!
- Think about how you will stack your Modular Mates. I try to put the items I use the least on the bottom. Modular Mates are like Lego's for adults! If you are a visual person (like me), draw a sketch of your pantry on a piece of paper. Then write each item on a post-it note. Use this to plan by adjusting/moving around your items and hopefully prevent you from purchasing the wrong size Modular Mate.   
- Tupperware sells an additional cover, the Pour-All Seal, which have a flip-top for the Ovals and Super Ovals.
- You can use different color lids to distinguish the contents. For example, two different brands of cereal.
- The color of the Modular Mate lids do occasionally change. Also sometimes Tupperware has monthly specials that come in exclusive colors for a limited time. 

So here's an overview of my Modular Mate planning:
1. Measure shelf depth - 11.75"
    Use Super Ovals and Rectangles (I could use Ovals and Squares but to utilize the maximum cabinet space I want to used the full depth. Also I didn't want extra space in the front or back of the containers because I knew that could eventually lead to the blocking or hiding of items.)
2. Measure shelf height - 11"
    Use equation 11 ÷ 2.25 = 4.89
    Round down to nearest whole: 4
    Shelf is 4 units high
3. Think about contents and quantity, then refer to Tupperware's Custom Kitchen Planning Storage Chart

It's that easy! I hope my blog post helps you all! Have fun organizing!

Tupperware Modular Mates FAQ

After trying to organize just one cabinet in my kitchen with Modular Mates, I'm writing a post on Modular Mates (MM) in general and also include my thoughts on designing an efficient pantry. I am fairly new to  Modular Mates (only been a Tupperware consultant for one year) so if you're not sure, please contact a Tupperware consultant in your area. They will be able to work with you to customize a Modular Mate system that suites you and your home.
So let's get started!...

1. What's so good about them?
  • Stackable design helps utilize maximum cabinet space
  • Virtually airtight and liquid-tight (insect-proof!)
  • Saves money (that you would've spent from food spoiling or buying things you already had that were hiding all the way in the back) 
  • Easily customizable to any shelf
  • Containers are clear/see-through
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dishwasher safe (I recommend hand washing)
2. Isn't Tupperware expensive?
    I'm not gonna lie, they are more expensive than Ziploc and Rubbermaid...but Tupperware is an investment! Their lifetime warranty is easy and worth the initial price. Modular Mates are very excellent in quality so you will not be purchasing replacements every month like with the Ziploc containers. My best advice is that if you are not in a hurry to organize your pantry, wait for Modular Mates to go on SALE! There are usually new sales specials every month that offer unbelievable savings! Another option is get them for FREE by hosting your very own Tupperware party! :)

Still skeptical?
Check out this blog post: OXO vs. Tupperware - Which is Better?
She has an awesome video that goes over the pros
and cons of both! - LOVE IT!!!

3. How do I know which shapes and sizes to get?
    Ahhh, good question! I stood in front of my cabinets thinking the same thing lol. Tupperware has a nifty 
   You can also check out my blog post HERE to see how I figured out which Modular Mates to purchase.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pantry Make-Over

After following a trail of tiny ants on my counter to my pantry cabinets, I realized it's time to organize and clean kitchen! In my house there is no walk-in pantry (maybe one day) so we use the cabinets to store our dry-goods and can-goods.

       ↓ Very vulnerable to ant and other nastiness!!                                                                         Not quite done, but much better!

Basically I didn't have a organizing system before. I would just put things wherever there was space. That had to change!!! I've been selling Tupperware for over a year and I've always overlooked their Modular Mates. I think I was focused on the bright colored Tupperware hehe. My mistake! I wish I had gotten the Modular Mates when we first moved into our house, then I wouldn't be throwing away opened food!

I created these cute labels →
I found some printable pantry labels on Pinterest but they were more of a "classic" look and I wanted a "kawaii" theme (to match all of my other labels).

Here's the close up of my label. →
It bothers me when I transfer a perishable into a different container and then I can't remember the expiration date! So my solution was to make cute labels! For my flour and sugar I placed the label on the back of the Modular Mate, and for my corn starch and salt I put it on the bottom.

To purchase these labels, click here

I still need to order more Modular Mates for my powdered and brown sugar. I also need to order the Tupperware spice containers so that's why my pantry make-over is not entirely complete.

Hope you all are having a awesome Monday and stay tuned for an upcoming posts that will be all about Tupperware's Modular Mates! 

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