Sunday, November 17, 2013

Little Big Moments #7

Are you ready for pages 14 & 15?
These two pages took a little longer to create, but I finally finished it!

Pages 14 & 15:
Title: Out & About
Theme/Prompt: Document an ordinary (or not so ordinary) day in your life
Additional Materials/Supplies: shopping lists, receipts, business cards, ticket stubs, etc.
To Create: 
step 1. Download printables
step 2. Cut embellishments out
step 3. Design/decorate pages
step 4. Add journaling & photos (optional)
step 5. Tape/glue

Here are my two pages:
I'm surprised that I did a lot of journaling this time.
  • I copied my receipts and printed them out on cardstock.
  • I like the idea that when my daughter is older she can compare the price of gas and groceries. I wonder how much these prices will increase or decrease in the years to come!
  • The paperclip flag can be used to clip all of your documents together or for decoration.
  • This project would be really cool for black Friday receipts!...not sure if I'm going to shop on black Friday this year. Hmmm...
To make the pocket that will hold all of your documents simply cut it out then fold the tabs back. Adhere the pocket tabs to your page by using double-stick tape or glue.
To make the paperclip flag, first cut it out and fold it in half. Then place the flag around a paperclip and glue the two flaps together.
When you are done they should look something like this:
Here is my completed pocket:
I love washi tape :)
Hope everyone likes these pages and I hope that this project inspires you to document all of your family's "Little Big Moments."

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