Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: Lint Lizard

Let's just say my curiosity got the best of me haha. After seeing the Lint Lizard at Target a few weeks ago, I thought about it and had a "why not?" moment. This product has mixed reviews online so I decided to find out for myself. As I mentioned, I picked this up at Target for $10.99. 

↓ It comes in 3 parts, simple enough.

↓ This is my dryer. One thing that I was concerned about was the picture on the box has a dryer with the lint trap in the front, mine is in the back corner. (I made this dryer cover with a sign that reads "check lint trap before using" and my fiance still forgets to clean the lint trap!!! and he accidentally spilled bleach on it! *sigh*)

↓ So pretty much all I did was assemble the pieces attach it to my vacuum then stick the clear hose part where the lint trap goes and this is what came out...

My verdict: 
My thoughts: The clear plastic tubing is not very flexible so it's a little hard to maneuver. I am surprised that the suction was very strong although it may vary depending on the vacuum cleaner. It didn't remove the huge amount of lint that was shown on the infomercial but it did put my mind at ease to know that my dryer is not clogged. I would recommend this product if you have $10.99 to spare or you are paranoid about dryer fires like me. Also I would suggest checking your dryer duct before purchasing the Lint Lizard to if there is lint buildup, then go ahead and buy one if you need it. The cashier at Target did tell me that I could return it if I wasn't satisfied.

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  1. I always wondered about these products. I live in an apartment, so it might be a good idea for me to try this one because I'm sure there's a lot of lint trapped somewhere. Thanks for the review. It's helpful to find someone who does an honest review.