Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Teacher's Desk Organization

Lately I've been working on classroom organizing projects for my best friend. She had asked me to make a weekly drawer set and a copy, file, grade drawer set. We saw a few examples on Pinterest and she said this drawer system will be extremely helpful. So I when back to my Paintshop and created labels to match her toolbox. If you are wanting to make your own labels for these drawers, I used the dimensions 9.75"x2.5"

↓ My friend said she purchased these Sterilite 3-drawer organizers from Walmart. I used an ombre chevron pattern.

↓ Here's a closeup.

↓ Here are the copy, file, grade drawers. More chevron and some polka dots.
If any of you have more classroom organizing ideas PLEASE feel free to share them in the comments section!
Thank You!

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