Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beachy Mac & Cheese Bites

Its been a while since I've tried a recipe from Pinterest. Since my fiance's nephew's birthday party was today I decided to be brave and try a combination of pins I have seen. The party was at the beach so I thought I would stick with the theme.

When I made this recipe I doubled the recipe and I ended up with 50 servings. The original recipe says on batch makes 18 servings, it's more like 25 servings. I did swap the elbow macaroni for pasta shells to match the beach theme. Clever right!?! I also made them in foil cupcake liners for easier clean up.

I saw the idea of hotdog octopus on Pinterest but I couldn't really find the instructions on how to make them so this is how I did it...
I bought 2 packs of mini Portuguese sausages from KTA.

The first step is to cut the octopus' legs. For me it was easier to (1) cut the sausage in half  leaving about 1/3 of the sausage connected at the top (2) then cut one of the halves in half (3 & 4) then cut those halves in half. (5) Next, flip the sausage over and repeat the same cuts leaving you with 8 octopus legs! yeh!

Lastly, bring a pot of water to a boil and cook the cut sausages for about a minute (or until the legs curl up).
Then all there's left to do is place the sausage octopus onto the mac & cheese bites! Note: I wanted to put eyes on the octopus but I was running late to the party...maybe next time. I think eyes would add that cuteness factor.
It was a perfectly hot day for the beach :)

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