Monday, September 9, 2013

Pantry Make-Over

After following a trail of tiny ants on my counter to my pantry cabinets, I realized it's time to organize and clean kitchen! In my house there is no walk-in pantry (maybe one day) so we use the cabinets to store our dry-goods and can-goods.

       ↓ Very vulnerable to ant and other nastiness!!                                                                         Not quite done, but much better!

Basically I didn't have a organizing system before. I would just put things wherever there was space. That had to change!!! I've been selling Tupperware for over a year and I've always overlooked their Modular Mates. I think I was focused on the bright colored Tupperware hehe. My mistake! I wish I had gotten the Modular Mates when we first moved into our house, then I wouldn't be throwing away opened food!

I created these cute labels →
I found some printable pantry labels on Pinterest but they were more of a "classic" look and I wanted a "kawaii" theme (to match all of my other labels).

Here's the close up of my label. →
It bothers me when I transfer a perishable into a different container and then I can't remember the expiration date! So my solution was to make cute labels! For my flour and sugar I placed the label on the back of the Modular Mate, and for my corn starch and salt I put it on the bottom.

To purchase these labels, click here

I still need to order more Modular Mates for my powdered and brown sugar. I also need to order the Tupperware spice containers so that's why my pantry make-over is not entirely complete.

Hope you all are having a awesome Monday and stay tuned for an upcoming posts that will be all about Tupperware's Modular Mates! 

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