Monday, October 7, 2013

Little Big Moments #1

Now that our cover is done, let's get to work on the inside of our smash book!
This is how it will work...I will have the printable at my TeachersPayTeachers shop. All you need to do is download it and cut it out.

  • Print the embellishment/label pages on label paper then it will be a sticker when you cut it out. No gluing :)
  • Save all the embellishments that you don't use for future pages.
  • Let your creativity run wild.
  • The best thing about smash books is that it doesn't have to be neat. Have fun!
So are your ready?

Download printables for pages 1-3 for FREE here:

I made the first page like a dedication page. Use this page to write a little introduction or about yourselves. Another idea is to write a note to your baby for them to read when they are older. 

You are probably wondering what the post-it note with the smiley face is for. Well I know I want to put pictures in my smash book of my daughter but I am waiting to collect all the pictures for my smash book so I can print them out all at one time. So for now, I will mark where a photo will go by using a smiley face post-it note. Tip: If you using this same picture method as  I am, make the post-it note the same size as the picture you will print. That way you will know that the photo will fit on your layout.

PAGES 2 & 3:
On these two pages lets document our hand prints! I painted a little bit of acrylic paint onto my daughter's hand with a paintbrush. The first print (on the left) was not so good. The second print (on the right) came out better. Tip: Have two papers ready.

I printed my hand print on the left page and my daughter's on the right page. Try to take pictures to document this fun activity. Decorate and journal as you wish.  Don't forget the date!

This is how my pages turned out:

See you all back here for pages 4 and 5!

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