Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Learning Center Posters

I have seen a few weather charts on so I decided to create one as the start of making my daughter's "learning center." I know she is only 18 months old but I have learned that if I have an idea its best to do it when I have the time. There have been many occasions that I've either been too late to do a Pinterest idea or I'm rushing to make it so my stress level goes sky high. One occasion that always comes to mind is my daughter's first birthday party!! I though that starting to plan 5 months in advance would be fine...I was so wrong. I ended up stressing, rushing, and I had to give up some of my projects because I didn't have enough time! I think my new motto is: better too early, than never LOL.
So here is the weather chart I made:
I did laminate the chart. For now I just have tape on the arrows. Eventually I want to put magnets. I don't think she understands the concept of "weather" yet but when she does, I'm ready!Here in Hawaii we obviously don't have snow (well only on Mauna Kea).  I put it on the chart just because I want her to see that "snowy" is a category in weather.
Here is the second poster in my daughter's "learning center."
My fiance is an Air Force veteran and we both appreciate our freedom and our country. It's still a little early for my daughter to learn the Pledge of Allegiance. But the poster is ready for when the time comes!

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!

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