Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Little Big Moments #3

Are you ready for pages 6 and 7?
Here they are...

↓This is the smash book that I am working on with my daughter. The prompt is "outfit of the day." Normally if we are just going to stay home (meaning I clean/do housework, the baby plays/sleeps) I would just wear shorts or yoga pants and a tank top. My daughter usually just wears a onesie at home. Since my parents wanted to go to Costco we always love to tag along with them!

Some ideas...
  •  If your child is wearing a new outfit, why not add the tags to these pages instead of throwing them away? The tags will show what size clothes your child is wearing on this day!
  • I forgot to take a picture of our shoes, but that would be a cute picture!
Hope you have fun documenting what you guys wear! Whether you and your family are spending the day at home or you have special plans made, don't forget to always wear a SMILE! ;)

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