Thursday, October 24, 2013

Little Big Moments #4

Sorry these pages took so long! I had to make some design changes to get the embellishment sizes just right. These pages are so fun to create because it contains actual "page-thickening" elements that makes a smash book a smash book!

Here are pages 8 and 9:

Title: Sky's the limit
Theme/Prompt: Measure your height
Additional Materials: Bakers twine (can use yarn or ribbon), 4 brads 
To Create: 
step 1. Download printables
step 2. Cut embellishments out
step 3. Design/decorate pages
step 4. Add journaling & photos (optional)
step 5. Tape/glue

  • These two pages are designed to document you and your child's height using string. 
  • I also wrote down our heights on the journaling card.
  • I chose to wrap my twine so it wouldn't get tangled.
  • I used the clouds to hide my baker' twine. 
  • Make sure to print the hot air balloons on card stock so they are studier. 
  • You can choose to wrap the string around the hot air balloon if you don't have brads. Just glue the clouds leaving the top open to create a pocket for your hot air balloon.

Height Keepsake Instructions:
  • Cut out hot air balloon and clouds.
  • Fold hot air balloon in half.
  • Glue one end of twine to the hot air balloon, then glue the folded balloon together.
It should look like this

  • Measure and mark height with the twine or ribbon.
(Try not to stretch the string by pulling too hard.)

  • Using a brad create 2 holes at each end of the cloud.
  • Tie a small loop at the other end of the string.
  • Place the string loop on one brad so that the string is attached to the cloud.
  • Secure the brads onto your page by opening the two prongs in the back.
  • Then all you need to do is wrap your string around the two brads.

To see how much your child is growing, simply unwind the twine.

Here is what my pages look like

I used the small banner embellishments to label the strings with our names so we know whose string height is whose. 
If you are doing this project with older kids, you can teach them about length measurements and measuring tools (rulers/tape measures).
Remember to have fun!

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